We Met Through Love of Art

We met in night school college art class 1975

Tall, Clint Eastwood looking dude, smart, nice guy, polite, well dressed, strong, silent, responsible type.

Shared interests in

  • art,
  • science fiction,
  • comedy,
  • camping,

liked our kids.

Suffered from only-child disease.

We called him our stalker in because he always just appeared and tagged along to classes and local social pubs.

For 9 months we were an item

He introduced us to his entire family.

We were impressed.

Mom was always funny, friendly and welcoming and liked my kids.

A close knit bunch, safe, happy family and party-hearty bunch.

Both fresh out of divorces. Neither of us was ready for commitment.

We were on our way to Iowa to reconnect with our Father’s family.

A New Fantasy is Born