Sons of Narcissistic Mothers

This is the point where we realize we know a lot about Narcissistic Mothers and their daughters but we neglected to consider the effects Narcissistic Mothers have on their sons.

Ah the shortsightedness of we of the Schizoic Personality Enhancement.

We, of course accept this burden as an adaptation to extremely adverse conditions visited upon helpless children and reject the consideration of “disorder” of any sort.

Fantasy land is the stuff of dreams, great writers and artists…some come by it naturally, others prodded and pushed  into the condition.

The adaptation to Spock, what we perceived as

  • Strength
  • Privilege
  • Arrogance
  • Cold emotionally
  • Uber Sensitive
  • Independent
  • Withdrawn
  • Human radio
  • Self centered behavior

Arises from trauma to autonomy at very young ages.

We who experienced anger, hatred, violence and turmoil had no concept of murder with kindness.

The discovery of which makes us:

Free at Last

To walk away from this 31 year nightmare, absolved and relieved of nagging doubt and eager to explore new paths.

Truth is most of us discover where we are heading when we arrive…

(Calvin & Hobbs)

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