Raised by Wolves

Here’s the deal.

We know what created us,

We were raised by wolves.

We get that

Spent early life in survival mode ready to duck and cover in case things went awry.

Children of nut bags like ours get our feelings & emotions twisted up like pretzels

Not surprising we just might have issues with

  • Forming Relationships
  • Interpreting Social cues
  • Appropriate Emotional Responses

We withdrew, retreated to fantasy land.

Student/teacher reports mention excessive day dreaming and doodling.

Then suddenly we are adult

Thrown into figuring out what this human thing means and the need to eat regularly while figuring it all out…

We married, birthed 3 kids

  • bam,
  • bam,
  • bam
  • 5 years later divorced and still searching for clues.


Fast forward…

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