Does Not Compute

Add to the Mystery

Question: why doesn’t he seem to care?

Bigger Q: Why doesn’t he seem to care that he doesn’t seem to care?

  • Is this a guy thing?
  • What about his FIL?
  • A self-defense mechanism?

Regardless, our search for fantasy MIL ended.

We never saw or spoke with MIL & Co ever again.

Over time…MIL & Co spawned an impenetrable family conspiracy that  ensures Mother and son would never meet

  • No reunions,
  • No visits,
  • No camp trips,
  • No funerals,
  • No cards,
  • No letters,
  • No calls,
  • No discussion,
  • No resolution,
  • No relationship with Father.
  • Most communication ultimately severed
  • We are on our own.

We resigned to try for the best relationship we could possibly garner with our own Mother, the narcissist…which is another story.

Years pass and we push thoughts of MIL & Co out of our mind but never escaped the nagging doubt:

Mother & son got along great before we came along…

17 years pass, then W’s brother dies suddenly.

He travels to the funeral,

to help handle the estate.

The instant he walked into the room the discussion turned to wet swim suits on cloth chairs…

Insanity can be fun.

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