4th of July in 7th Heaven

About a year into wedded bliss we invite MIL & Co over for 4th July weekend.

We are in 7th heaven.

Kids, teenagers playing in the backyard pool,

Grown ups inside, cooking visiting, catching up on gossip.

Time to Eat!

Kids come in and swarm the dining room… wearing damp bathing suits sitting on dining room chairs.

MIL objects, so we chase kids outside to dry off.

Set towels on slightly damp chairs.

No harm, no foul…

Party continues…

Hours later kids complain MIL is pestering them non stop about the wet bathing suits.

We advised kids to apologize, maybe go out to the movies.

Kids leave en mass

Grownups continue visiting.

A great time was had by all, well into the evening hours

  • played games,
  • caught up,
  • gossip…

Went to bed.

Life is good.

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