What To Do With Useless Memories?

A self-forgiving process.

There are two places where we send unwanted, unresolvable thoughts and memories for a good reason.

Anxiety producing useless, unresolvable memories that involve loved ones, deceased relatives, pets.

Golden Palace – The Palace of Wonderfulness from which there is no return.

  • Forever banned to the palace
  • Where every needs or want is met
  • Where love and pleasant thought reign.

The Golden Palace is where even Mom and Dad can get along to watch over deceased pets – memories of which are also forever banned to the palace to make room for new pet memories.

The reasoning is simple. No matter how upsetting an unresolved memory may become where love is involved take the high road and just throw them upstairs and walk away mentally. No possibility for regrets with no possibility of return. A win/win for mySelf.

Black Hole – No redeeming value and nothing possibly to care about or gain by letting it hang around like cobwebs cluttering up thought processes.

Bothersome resolved or unresolved memories that serve no other purpose than to vex and annoy get walked to the black hole.

  • Forgive mySelf
  • Perp-walk the bad memory into the Black Hole
  • Forever banish, no possibility of return

Resolved conflicts that are worth saving or re-pondering for nostalgia get filed away into the memory archives for later retrieval.