Ultimate Self Forgiving

Perfect Parents

Lastly if we’re feeling particularly vulnerable, sad, picked on or un-cared for, we visualize ourselves as young as possibly into infancy, cradled in the arms of two perfect parents we retreat to a quiet, safe place uninterrupted.  

3:00 in the morning usually works for us as these two warring idiots do seem to love to torment our sleep from time to time, although fewer and fewer episodes of late.

Imagine yourself as young and innocent as possible… think about your most innocence, before that first, fateful mistake that sent your life tumbling into the abyss… 

Conjure in our perfect parents, not your actual, deeply flawed and damaged parents but imagined to provide perfect, unconditional love and admiration.

Languish in the thought and loving feeling until till we realize we are loved and wanted, then we take a first step back into now.

This method proved useful when we visualized a childhood traumatic event which took years of trying to finally face.

It comes with a speech that will be posted later when we can locate it.

The map isn’t too hard to figure though if you think about it.

Through this map and speech yet to follow…We finally came to the adult acceptance that we would have chuckled too at an 8 year old playing flight of the Bumble Bee at a Chopstick pace.

Where real live parents simply allowed the shame and embarrassment to fester into a paranoia of fear of public speaking and complete lack of confidence for years to come, our perfect parents would have apologized and explained or worked to help us improve.

Now we understand – finally and at last. Not happier, just understanding and can now move on.