Haters are Going to Hate

The wisdom goes, if you want to have a bunch of friends be unsuccessful. 

No argument from us.

Aristotle triangle

Life is a three-part speech.

Consider the Aristotle Triangle:

  • Logos: Consistency, Logic
  • Ethos: Trust, Credibility
  • Pathos: Emotions, Imagination

So you escaped the nonsense, achieved success, or simply feel better about yourself.

escape the nonsense

Yet, some people seem to hate you regardless and seem determined to see you fail?

  • It doesn’t matter who the haters are
  • It doesn’t matter if you go out of your way to help
  • It doesn’t matter your accomplishments and attitude

These are the haters in life who exist solely to discredit, devalue and down play the accomplishments of others.

It is easier to denigrate the successes of others than to do what is necessary to get a better life

There is nothing you can do about haters.  There’s nothing you can say or do to prevent someone from speaking negatively about you.

Hatred is roothate is feared in fear and insecurity.

Hate-filled people grouse and complain about successes and or happiness of others because people who succeed remind them of their own inadequacies and failures.

No one likes to be reminded they are a disappointment to themselves and others.

Haters are everywhere.

  • Familywho are the haters
  • Friend
  • Co-worker

Haters spew out stupid, meaningless platitudes and cliches such as:

  • A stupid idea doesn’t have a chance of success
  • It’s been tried before and never works
  • Don’t get above your raising

The purpose of which is to to drag you down to their level of incompetence.

There is no cure, only treatment.

Truth is that no matter what you improve or succeed at you will always experience someone who resents you for trying.  Yes, trying, because haters lack the courage and imagination to try.

Next time you dare to celebrate a personal victory and you come face to face with doubters who offer:

  • Unkind comments
  • Cautionary tales
  • Mockery

Remember doubters are motivated by fear of their own success.

They really, really, really need you to fail so they may remain comfortable in their downward-spiraling comfort zone.

Feel free to ignore and think less of the negative ninnies in your life.  They are unimportant to your well-being.