Memorandums on the Covid-19

Or Corona, or whatever else people decide to label the thing to score points for their own personal bug-a-boo.

It’s not the sequestering. That we can do standing on our head. Analysts always plan for the future, which in turn makes us active, organized thinkers.

Analysts take time to compare

  • Yea’s
  • Nay’s
  • Meh’s

of pretty much anything that comes along.

The only question we have now are

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

and sometimes

  • How

It’s how we were taught – to question.

The Fear Frenzy through Media over this virus rivals the emotional intensity of the Trump Impeachment show.

Hourly news runs the roller-coaster of Despair & Hope

  • Heighten anxiety among the most nervous among the herd
  • Sell advertising of masks and sanitizers
  • Social continuity – we’re all happily on the same page and other helpful hints to maintain compliance to the Department of Whatever Shit we Come up With Next Department.

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