Too Much Too Know

A truism you can take to the bank.

The more we learn the stupider we get.

It is impossible for any one person to know everything because they’d spend their entire lives plugged in like a computer program gobbling up data, forget about developing a personality or social life….then, of course there is that unique and individual slant that arises with every organic, mental upload and processing…bias, stereotype, paradigm…

The response of one unique human brain to the Q: “What is Dog” will be completely different than another unique human brain response.

Why? Because each unique human brain develops in its own environment through unique genetic structure or network of inherited traits.

What is the craving for knowledge?

What makes us decide when enough is enough or to exhaust a trail of interest?

Why do things that fascinate us fail to fascinate others to the extent and enthusiasm it fascinates us?

Why do we crave knowledge?

  • Stories, Books, TV, Internet, Videos, Streaming, Radio
  • News, Crime, politics, world, local, emergencies
  • Facts, history, investment, environment, nature, space

There is no difficulty (or end) of information, repetitious copied and pasted in the Internet to locate and gather these days.

What is difficult is to locate an unbiased source or a ‘beg to differ’ stance or position.

Who Do/Can/Should You Trust?

Sycophantic journalists all giggles and cleavage, mouth talking points every day on syndicated corporate news media.

In return for million dollar paychecks they smile and tell us all how to think and feel about events and say nary a word to or about the seething opposition or they will lose their million dollar paychecks.  

The most vexing to we is the futility of gathering our head full of knowledge, good, bad and ugly our entire lives only to die with a head full of knowledge, good, bad and ugly.

Such a waste, it seems.

For now we continue to ponder …



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