Cold Turkey from Social Media – facebook

Unplugged the fb Cord Tonight.

We had a bit of a row with a facebook Idiot bot (possibly low wage, low intellect, few social skills probably a virgin or vegan human) tonight March 14 2021 if any one’s taking notes.

We had determined to write, in the comments of one of the endless whiney facebook press video interviews about privacy violations by the press upon the royal, soon not so royal interracial couple, approximately, that “England regards Americans as garbage people.”  Faah, Faah, Faah as it were.

The facebook Idiot bot (possibly low wage, low intellect, few social skills probably a virgin or vegan human) determined within a split second that we had slandered the queen or some silly notion therefor we had engaged in HATE SPEECH and this is your final warning.  You bastard, you!

We looked at each other…and started to snicker.

We coulda lost it right then and played into the game but damned if we woke up Control from her slumber and she said with a huff “Oh WTF!”.

We explained to Control that it wasn’t our fault. We were playing around Chaos, Growth and we getting clever and all and we know shouldn’t play with Chaos but the bullies on face book are too stupid to know so they spanked us and said we were naughty and cruel, mean and hateful and said we must “Go to our room.”

We knew we and Chaos could fix the whole thing so without waking you we gave them a thing…

“Fuck You face book censors. It’s fucking history. Learn.”

We thought it would help, the poor ignorant dears to remind those under age thirty that there is other life here.

And to let them know if they hold their breath long enough we might interfere if only but to save their stupid, dumb asses

General Kala

Control burst into General Kala, the worst it can get.

She’s kicking shit, taking names, planning stage has been set.

Always ready to fight to to the death to protect her own brood

  • Run.
  • Hide.
  • Your asses are nothing but screwed


We worried, we trembled, we fretted and shivered, no negotiation General Kala just goes for the quiver. Change is a coming we feel the icy breeze…


General Kala then said “I’ve counted to three.”

We are determined to see if a pimply face, pointy headed bunch of intellectually challenged, morally,  sociopathic wealthy money and power grubbing so’s and so’s determined to dominate Earth is really worth all of this fuss.

She studied these new parents we had chosen, high and low and said WTF?

“You listen to these but never to us?”

Growth stepped up and said we agree, “When a facebook Idiot bot (possibly low wage, low intellect, few social skills probably a virgin or vegan human) categorizes we as hateful, cruel and or any other category, class, box, container to spew against earnest free thinkers determined to grow who dare to differ, the punishment is swift and unjust.

Why, they simply don’t like us it’s plain to see.   We don’t fit the story, no, not to one tee.

Punishment is banishment from society at large. No family, no friend and your business is closed.  We are sent into the Black Forest of the Internet where it is not safe to exist on scraps of sporatic news and bits of information…stooping to watch Fox and Friends, having to resort to email and then when once again saved…

Golden facebook gates reopen and happiness once again reigns.  The shamed oblige red faced, embarrassment and full of apologies. “Gee, Well wolly goggers I wuz banished from facebook, guess I’m a racist huh, huh, they sure can tell em when they sees em.”

We are frightened to speak, frightened to know, frightened to seek and frightened to grow.

And now as Father would advise, “You must grasp the bull by the tail and face the situation.”

Chastized high and low General Kala put us all on front row.  It’s whupping up time you three silly buffoons

  • If you shop at a shop and rub your hip pocket and get arrested for theft…not a crime
  • If you say something rude or stupid or cruel to someone, that’s hurtful…but not a crime
  • If you say something intelligent on face book and they don’t understand it…that’s a crime.

Punishments for conviction of (insert perversion here) as judged by a whack job psychology major on lsd’s chart of goodness and rules we all should follow Man, you know, to be really good deed doers and save the fags or whatever Btq or something, oh, just save the fags.

and this is how we want to live the rest of our days? Under the thumb of oppressive, paint by numbers intellect allowed to say only what we are allowed to say think, know, or wonder about within confines of an ideology dedicated to what end?

Nobody threatens us. Especially not a mindless ignorant ideologically poisoned corporate drone possibly a facebook Idiot bot (possibly low wage, low intellect, few social skills probably a virgin or vegan human).

Visualize the Frenemy

Now on mission we meet to discuss whether to

  • Beg the facebook gods for mercy
  • Ignore and go for the gold
  • Appeal
  • Ignore and dread the day
  • Apologize
  • Cry
  • Plead the 5th
  • Claim ignorance

or more something like this…

none of ya fuggin business

We’re really only seem racist, sexist, et. al. if we can’t stand your stupid, ugly-ass personality.

We’ve left facebook for now.

We’ll listen for improvement but now, we’re onto our favorite subject in the entire universe of our mind…we.

It’s not worth the ridiculousness.

And we are not sure which way that statement should be taken so we’ll leave that to the reader to decide.

Worth noting, about an hour after this decision to quit facebook in order to devote time to this utterly useless endeavor our imagination began to soar.

The things we are going to say…

Never settle for paint-by-numbers always go for the blank canvas.

Fly without a net.

Especially atheists who can’t seem to let go of religion.  Go be friends, watch the politicians, challenge the laws, go fishing, go bowling.

Ignore social media freaks…or say things like “Fascinating,” “That’s the darndest thing I’ve ever heard.” “What a story”

Where do you go shopping what are your hobbies.  Have you ever been shamed by facebook?

For the Record

Facts from PBS if our words on White Trash offend thee.

“if we go back to some of the leading promoters of British colonization, when they imagined what were they going to do with the new world, the new world, first of all, was imagined as a wilderness, what they called a wasteland.

And it was the perfect place for literally dumping the idle poor. And these were referred to as waste people.”

But go ahead and call us hate-filled and block us for reading what is there for  talking about what we read.

“White Trash” — a cultural and political history of an American underclass



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