Mother’s Day

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We have children. We are a Mother…not a chest feeder, not a birth person…a Mother. We hear some over-thinkers intend to remove this moniker from American/English language lexicon in favor of some general, generic human function such as “birth person.” We understand this is to be sensitive to those who are not biologically females but • Read More »

Mr. Magnificence Master Prestidigitator

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A luxury cruise ship was traveling through icy, cold Northern waters when suddenly the rudder stopped and the ship lost all steering. The captain realized they were in direct trajectory of a huge iceberg about half-a-mile ahead and the ship was in trouble. He ordered the Exec Officer to get tonight’s Magic act on stage • Read More »

Cursed is the Leader…

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In the great desert lived a tribe of nomads. These nomads believed that a man’s strength and courage came from his beard. Bennie, tribal leader wore a magnificent beard and enjoyed his command over his people for many years. However, after so many years of leading the the tribe in the hot and dusty desert • Read More »

And Speaking of Jokes for Meetings…

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Some of these jokes I have found on the Internet and re-wrote to suit my taste. Others are jokes and funny stories I have written.  More jokes to come… Make it personal. Don’t limit yourself to pre-written jokes from the internet, books or old magazines.  Think of humorous incidents that you’ve seen, heard or happened • Read More »

Halloween Humor

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Hocus-Pocus Jokus Halloween Jokes What could be more fun on Halloween night than to tell funny, punny jokes to torment all those terrified strangers and neighbors who give out candy and treats to visiting witches, warlocks and werewolves. Ok, I can think of at least several things, but these are good, clean and harmless jokes • Read More »

Philosophical Funnies

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Philosophical Funnies Socrates, Plato and Aristotle walked into a bar. Socrates asked the bartender, “Will you tell us of your meager life as a servant? Bartender answers “It’s hard work, but I can laugh out loud, with gusto and never worry about consideration.” Plato said, “Thank you for your service.” Aristotle expressed surprised. God and • Read More »

Robots to Serve Man

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You never know when or where the funny bone will strike, so keep your notebook close and pen handy.  This joke occurred to me while watching Rise of the Robots on Netflix. notice the effect of the 3-part speech or triangle applies to all types of story, speech, story, tale any topic, especially a good joke. • Read More »

Next 3 Years Will be Priceless

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U.S. Senator Tim Scott proclaimed “America is not a racist country” and the Left-wing went absolutely wild. This morning I listened to a white, Progressive New Yorker female actress/opinion pundit explain to Tim Scott, an African descent American, how sadly mistaken his experiences on racism in America have been. Oh we do so look forward • Read More »

Mother’s Love – Table Topic for Mother’s Day

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Motherly Love is a specific kind of altruistic love, an emotion traditionally assigned only to Mothers. Humans never outgrow the need for a Mother’s love. A child should never feel as if they need to earn a mother’s love…but…Mother’s unconditional love is not an instinctive thing. In fact, it’s a 50/50 crap shoot whether we • Read More »

Covid 19 Vaccine Vaccinated

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We proudly announce we are 100% vaccinated. We now have 94% immunization from a virus we have a 99% chance of surviving… if we are among the unlucky 1% of the population who contracts the Covid 19 Virus. Hooray we may now feel free to re-mask up and walk around the building. WTF? Cooties anyone? • Read More »