The Most Dangerous Christmas Toy

December 18, 2020 | By pkelley | 2 Comments | Filed in: Topics 4 Toastmasters.

Table topic question. What is the most dangerous toy you received as a gift on Christmas? Christmas was a clothing, back to school supply fest for me, but dad was always bringing home age inappropriate toys and mom expected us to be smart. We knew our way around a few smashed fingers and the sting • Read More »

Bear Bait

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This is the story of our little toy poodle named Puppy and how she became known as Bear Bait. In the year 1988 we purchased a camper van fully contained and we hit the road running. Around the same time we bought the van, Puppy came into our lives.  She turned out to be a • Read More »

National Absurdity Day

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Table Topics to Ponder Absurdism definition is – a philosophy based on the belief that the universe is irrational and meaningless and that the search for order brings the individual into conflict with the chaotic and irrational universe. In comedy, Absurdity is farce.  Nonsense. Non sequitors: friends are like potatoes, if you eat them, they • Read More »

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Woodpeckers & Mediapeckers

November 11, 2020 | By pkelley | 12 Comments | Filed in: Posts & Pontifications.

When we think of syndicated media these days we envision flocks of nasty tempered woodpeckers. Similarities astound: Like syndicated media, woodpeckers fun to watch but while woodpeckers simply destroy your home and propertySyndicated media causes brain damage … too… Wood peckers nest in your physical housing structures.The media nests in your spiritual housing structure. Woodpeckers • Read More »

People Tracking Technology

November 7, 2020 | By pkelley | 54 Comments | Filed in: Topics 4 Toastmasters.

Future Tracking of Humans It’s nearing the end of 2020 and the availability of tracking technology is through the ceiling. Makes you wonder how anyone pulled any shenanigans or crime on Star Trek and other futuristic sci-fi dramas; Deep Space 9, Star Wars, etc., where everyone and everything is tracked down to the last molecule. • Read More »

Obnoxious SEO’s n So’s-N-So’s

November 1, 2020 | By pkelley | 25 Comments | Filed in: Posts & Pontifications.

Has anyone else noticed how obnoxious searching for stuff on the Internet has become. Try searching for lawn mowing insert city here – and you get 15 pages of search hijacks – think Angie’s list, Home Advisor only 500 fold. We’ve been searching for services for this new place and holy crap it is nearly • Read More »


Train Engineer Bob

September 22, 2020 | By pkelley | No Comments | Filed in: Betty & Bob.

Bob. the train engineer loved his job. Driving trains had been his life long dream since childhood. Bob loved to make his train go fast so ultimately, one day he got reckless and caused a crash which killed a person and caused immense property damage. Needless to say, he went to court over the train • Read More »


Bob and Neighborhood Bullies

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Every day Bobby was teased by neighborhood bullies. Their favorite joke was to offer Bobby a choice between one dime or one nickle. Bobby always chose the nickle and the bullies would laugh hysterically, call Bobby a dummy, then ride off on their bicycles. One day Betty witnessed the cruel teasing. She took Bobby aside • Read More »


The Duck and Bartender Bob

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A duck walks into a bar and asks bartender Bob, “Got any grapes?” Bartender Bob, confused, tells the duck, “This is a bar. We serve booze to humans. Get the heck out of here.” The duck thanks him and waddles out the door. The next day, the duck returns, jumps on the barstool and asks, • Read More »


Einstein and Bob

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One day, while Bob was driving his taxi, he was surprised to see Einstein jump into his cab and announce that he is to speak at an important science conference located downtown. On the way there, Einstein remarks “Say, I notice that you look a lot like me.” Bob looks at himself in his rear • Read More »