Crocodile Tears

November 28, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

Crocodile Tears Intrigue

Visualizing a beast about to consume you, as terrifying as it may be doesn’t hold a candle to watching it cry for pity as as it begins eating…clearly is among the top most 2,000, 000 gruesome fates Chaos could possibly imagine.

Crocodile Tears

Political atmosphere prompts us to venture a revisiting of the concept of Crocodile Tears in our Twitter feed.  The illustrations made our skin crawl.

The minds eye remains fresh on withdrawal and betrayal in Afghanistan as the responsible begged for pity for their pain was so much greater than We the Commoners.

Sometimes it helps to pull a nose hair to bring up a tear.

Then the subject changes now warnings, admonitions, social division, vaccines, lock downs, masks, public humiliations, shaming, mandates, firing, denial of services, denial of rights, jailing, isolation, unschooling, ethnic preferential treatment, protests, riots, looting, burning.

It’s like 1964 all over again but without a cause.  It’s a 2021 clusterfuck of injustice disguised as justice in search of an impossible dream.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?Can't we all just get along?

Do the middle the kids always have to break up these incessant squabbles?  Can’t you two just figure it out!?

It seems suddenly socially fashionable not to be Caucasian in the vast gene pool of the Great Unwashed, or is it white with blue eyes…, do green & purple count?

What if it’s Heterochromia iridum? Burn as a witch?

Suddenly, for a moment frozen in time, the world witness a crocodile consume the  man who begged for his Mother.

There will be studies for centuries to come just as there are studies for the inevitability centuries before.  A billionaire’s game.  Pass your bets.

Ourselves, we cried like a Mother and continue to grieve the memory.  Herd unity, cause and effect.  The crime, recorded live to shock the populous out of denial with a proverbial 2 by 4 on the forehead to get our attention, moment.  A mass Brain On Fear event of epic proportions.

Brain on FearPolice officer(s) committed the unforgivable injustice and sparked the lightning to police reform/defund movement.  The crime resonated with us on a number of perceptions.  Emotional, security, compassion, frustration, anger, rage, contempt, pity and a billion more attitudes we had not yet considered, reconsidered or cared about prior.

We knew it would happen. History repeats.  Injustice lives on every street corner in town.  Why now? Who benefits?  Follow the money.  Billionaire’s game.  Place bets.

Circle Back to Crocodile Tears

Perhaps it’s because children born and raised in America more resemble spoiled royal prodigy than sons and daughters of rugged pioneers that it is necessary to smuggle in millions of grateful potential gardeners, servants and delivery drivers  because that is easier than slapping the remotes out children’s puffy little Cheetos stained fingers and teach them to concentrate.

Perhaps it’s easier to ignore just a law and leave the gates open till you meet your goal.  Argue for its existence later when you can score political martyrdom points against the meanies on the other side after the citizens rebel against your BS and you then qualify to become the crocodile underdog to beg for pity.

Perhaps virtual reality will consume and occupy the minds as A.I. progresses … where are the wealthy migrating to these days?  Africa?  Hide the pea game. Which continent to focus attention upon…China, Russia, Asia, Middle East.  What about Africa?

Last we heard war was everywhere…despots, genocide…Business Opportunities In Africa.  Good for them. Who knew?  If its up to mass media certainly not uninformed Americans.

The answer dear friends is blowing up our skirts. 

What is now is there exists a pissed off, never wrong, determined, narcissistic, mad at the world feminine nature afoot.

She’s giving the silent treatment, broken only with incessant bursts of brain softening, mind-numbing, gaslighting tirades and demands of homage for all she has tone for us to which the only solution accepted is utter apologies, give up, go along or submit for punishment.

Don’t say anything it doesn’t do any good and you risk making her angrier, more determined and will make a bigger mess for you to clean up and take blame for later.


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