The 3-Part Joke

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Three Part Joke – Rules for Change

shopping for groceries

Wayne was downtown at the grocery store yesterday to pick up a few things.
While he was gone a news flash came across the TV warning of a dangerous wrong-way driver on Highway 101 which goes through downtown Crescent City.
We called him on his cell
“Wayne, there’s one crazy wrong-way driver on 101 so be careful”
He answered,wrong way drivers
“One? Heck, there’s gotta be at least 20 going the wrong way!”

35 Years Wedded Bliss

We are married to Wayne 35yrs.
He keeps our picture in his wallet.
Says when he faces difficulties in life, he takes our picture out and stares at it for a while.35 years wedded bliss
He says it comforts him to know that if he can survive a relationship with us, he can survive anything.

Establish Firm Barriers

An Important Rule of Change is to establish firm barriers to bolster resolve.
We have spent the past 8 days in total self-isolation in order to study and discover fears and phobias.
Wayne’s not very supportive. Must be a guy thing.rules is rules

It breaks the heart tho to see him gazing through the window into space, looking abandoned, like a lost puppy.

Believe it, we have considered letting him in but rules are rules…


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