Where Communication Meets Condition

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Where Communication Meets Condition:

As we settle into the comfy chair and turn on the heat and vibrating mode to sooth these aging bones we realize we had neglected to bring along a drinking glass for the vino cabernet sauvignon.

We ask the Other “We forgot the glass, would you bring us one?”

The Other responds “I know you know you have no class”

Ever the challenge is marriage bliss.

Granted our preferred vine vessel is the virtually unbreakable, clear plastic juice glass usually reserved for small children but, really, if we indeed had no class we would drink straight from the bottle and would not request a glass.

Perhaps a straw?

Miscommunication, the Spark of Mischief

In gaming terms a miscommunication is the opportunity to take advantage of the opponent by all means possible to make that score.

Enter Chaos

Theory of PatOpportunity Knocks:Opportunity Knocks

“I know you know you have no class”

Response Potential:  Unlimited

The misstep in the dance of communication, the boot on the toe, the failure to catch after tossing into the air your beloved…

Reactions to ambiguous misunderstandings lead to all sorts of mischievous opportunity for Chaos to exercise whether for good or for bad.  Chaos wants to play.

What you feel, your mood, circumstance, frustration or happiness level affects the reactions which reflects upon the audience as your revealed personality.

Ask yourself:
What is my personality right now?What is my personality right now?What govern our thoughts right now?

  • What is bugging me?
  • Does The Other think we think we have no class?
  • How does that make us feel?
  • Why would The Other think we would would say that?
  • Are we mad? Should we be?

Now Ask Yourself:

What is The Other’s personality right now?

  • What is bugging him?
  • Why does the Other think we think we have no class?
  • How does that make HIM feel?
  • Is The Other deaf or something?

How should we respond?

  • Anger?
  • Insult?
  • Humor?

Remember the Other’s condition.  Consider the variables. Restate the question?

The dance of miscommunication involves careful consideration of the balance of power between individuals, situation or circumstance.


It would be helpful if life came with a manual but try as humanity…with Bibles, religious edicts, psychiatry, psychology, official government decrees, mandates, Self-Help manuals…we can’t seem to agree upon much.

Most are left to improvise to live and grow within the yin and yang of the community and confines of our parents choosing until coming of majority.

After that it is all up to personal responsibility.  Responsibility is ours to not only acknowledge our own uniqueness but to acknowledge the uniqueness of others and realize when others take advantage of your uniqueness to use it against you.

How the Other thinks The same process for personality development is within every individual and unique to each person.
Which brings us to our favorite topic:

Relationships, Why Anyone gets Along at All


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