We Are Not Hostages of Our Past

September 7, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Theory Of Pat.

Me Myself and IIntroducing Me, MySelf & I.

Subject to Change, Growth & Self-Preservation.

This might appear repetitive but bear with us…

We are capable, confident and strong.

We Are Not Hostages to Our Past.

The key to knowing others is getting to know ourselves.

Getting to know ourselvesIn order to understand ourselves, we must communicate freely and often.

Communication includes asking yourself those famous questions:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Those questions seem to be the universal mystery question of life.

Psychological hypothesis,  religious ideology and conspiracy  theories abound.

Book stores are filled with advice by self-help gurus who promise the moon to improve communication skills.

With so much help how to communicate with each other everyone should be experts by now, but nope, in fact humans seem to be getting worse with  communication the more technology inserts into our lives.

But for now let’s tackle just ourselves and the noise swirling around in our own personal universes…our brains.

Ask Yourselves:

  • Why does this memory bother us?
  • Why do some situations annoy us?
  • Why can’t we control our appetites?
  • Etc…

Demand answers.

We have an aversion to hearing others chew food or gum to the point we instantly disliked and avoided every lip-smacking, open mouth, candy, ice, nut crunching, bubble gum-popping person we encountered.

The question – Why do we become annoyed over chewing of food when others around us seem to care less?

We realize our Mother’s tradition of family manners, handed down 3 or 4 generations, carried the baggage of proper, civilized, gentile breeding just not enough cash to back it up.

Good to know.

We continue to avoid every lip-smacking, open mouth, candy, ice, nut crunching, bubble gum-popping person we encounter but don’t instantly dislike them. We just all agree they are annoying as hell.

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