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How personalities are formedPersonality Quirks

Everyone has peculiar personality quirks because we have unique DNA, experiences, education skills, opportunities and abilities.

In order to maintain society people don’t think “alike” we think “around” with a filtered nuance that forms a basic community personality.

It’s a wonder we get along at all.

It’s the nuances that violate the somewhat agreed upon norm that annoy, shock, amuse and alarm that become known as the dreaded:

What is a Personality Quirk?

A quirk is a peculiar Judge of all that is quirky

  • action,
  • behavior,
  • personality mannerism

that sends warning bells and whistles to our brains telling us to prepare to abandon ship but hang…

this might be good….

Table Topic Questions for Quirky Personalities

Question #1 Midnight Refrigerator Raider:

To drink milk from the carton


not to drink milk out of the carton

That is the question

Question #2. Howard Hughes, eccentric, quirky, obsessive compulsive, germaphobe, billionaire.

  • If you become a billionaire tomorrow and could indulge, what monster quirks might you want to warn yourself about?
ShockingQuestion #3 I recently became acquainted with a most annoying handyman with tourettes who (cover your ears) YELLED the first word of every Sentence at a Pitch that repeatedly Triggered my fight or flight impulse for Hours on end. He does great work…Bless his heart…

  • What are a few of your favorite helpers/handypeople’s annoying quirks that you grin and bear in painful “if I say anything I am doomed” kind of silence?
Question #4 The best defense is a good offense. I lead with humor, and get into a lot of trouble…and my friends can’t stand me either.

  • What self-defensive quirk would you like to physically extract, pack in a box and send to the North Pole to be buried 10 leagues under?
Question #5 Describe your personality between 01 and 10

01 = Duller than Dirt 05 = Ridiculously Average 10 = Make it Stop
Squeeze annoying habit like a rubber chicken

Question #6 In mid-response, if you could grab your worst, most annoying personal quirk by its scrawny little neck and hold it in front of you like a rubber chicken, what would you say?

Question #7 If you were on the outside of yourself looking in, what personality quirks do you most admire?
Question #8 Positively and negatively, how do your somewhat quirky, aberrant, divergent interests reflect your personality?


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