Personality Mind Map

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How personalities are formedWhat is Personality / Personality Quirks

Everyone has peculiar personality quirks because we have unique DNA, experiences, education skills, opportunities and abilities.

In order to maintain society people don’t think “alike” we think “around” with a filtered nuance that forms a basic community personality.

It’s a wonder we get along at all.

As you scroll through the mind map modules ask yourself how would this affect my responses to a given situation.


  • An Emergency
  • A Rival’s Sudden Good Fortune
  • Upcoming Important Job Interview

Make up your own scenarios.

What is Personality?

Aspects that determine personality are comprised of multiple variables.

Personalities Mind-Map:

Each nodule in the mind map contains factors which may affect personalities at any given time, situation or predicament:

Variables That Contribute to Personality Development

Mood Condition Support
Spiritual Interests Senses
Control of Situation Way of Life (culture) Political
Circumstances Communication Style Social Status

The Breakdown of each Module reveals additional elements each of which may be expanded upon exponentially.

Personalities: Mood

How Mood Affects Personality

Personalities: Age

How Age Affects Mood

Personalities: Conditions

Conditions that affect personality

Personalities: Support Structure

How Support Structure Affects Personality

Personalities: Spiritual / Faith

How Belief Ideology Affects Personality

Personalities: Interests

How Interests Shape Personality

Personalities: Senses

How Personality Listen to Its Senses

Personalities: Control

How Degree of Control Affects Personality

Personalities: Way of Life

How Culture and Tradition Affects Personality

Personalities: Political View

How Politics Affects Personality

Personalities: Circumstances

How Circumstance Affects Personality

Personalities: Communication

How Communication Affects Personality

Personalities: Status

Social Status and Personality

Personalities: Education

Education Affects Personality

Personalities: Who

Who You Are Interacting With Affects personality

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