And Speaking of Jokes for Meetings…

April 30, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Jokes.

Some of these jokes I have found on the Internet and re-wrote to suit my taste.

Others are jokes and funny stories I have written.  More jokes to come…

Make it personal. Don’t limit yourself to pre-written jokes from the internet, books or old magazines.  Think of humorous incidents that you’ve seen, heard or happened to you in various settings.  Can you condense funny happenings in 1 to 3 minutes?

  • Your last family gathering
  • Stories from the office
  • Antics of children
  • Fun pet stories
  • Vacation incidents
  • Family stories of yore…
  • The time auntie stripped down to her underwear to retrieve a big fish she had hooked during a vacation at the lake.
  • The practical joke that backfired on your mischievous uncle.
  • A pet’s first reaction to snow or ice.
  • Family mis connections or misunderstandings
  • The time you got one over on the boss
  • You think you have it tough?dial phone
    • When I was your age I had to walk across 10 feet of shag carpet to change the channel on the TV
    • When I was your age I had to use a dial phone
    • When I was your age we only had 3 TV stations
    • When I was your age all the popular music was on AM radio
    • When I was your age gasoline was 10 cents per gallon and you could jump on a car hood without scratching the paint
    • ____________________________________

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