The Faces of Chaos, Growth and Control

April 17, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Theory Of Pat.

Chaos, the Dragon invader of dreams and megalomaniac tester of limits.

Why a dragon?

  • Our Chinese Zodiac symbol is the Gold Tiger – a Triple Tiger – with a Fire Tiger Mother and Fire Tiger Great Grandmother.
  • Only a Dragon of Chaos could possess enough ferocity and strength to take on the demands of a Triple Tiger.
  • and it’s kinda cool to imagine the power of our imagination as an impenetrable force.

Growth is curiosity on steroids. She is the annoying child who never stops asking questions? Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? sort of stuff.


The reason we are here. Too much Control…not enough Growth, Chaos abounds.

Faces of Control…

The persona of Control has many faces, but Growth and Chaos rarely change.

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