Which Gun is Scarier?

March 23, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

We just brought into our life an electric staple gun. A gift….but why?

We rarely have an opportunity these days to staple two pieces of paper together so Growth and Chaos are off pondering the potential uses for an electric staple gun that do not include stapling pieces of paper together.

Which is scarier?

  • A handgun which can shoot up to 6-10 bullets (we don’t even know) and possibly hit the target
  • An electric staple gun that can last for hours…staple after staple after staple
  • Nail gun which shoots 6 inch nails at 40 hits per second with a battery that can nail 12,000 nails per charge.
  • Which ones are scarier?
  • Which ones are legal to buy off the shelves?
  • Which ones require owners to register?

CDC estimates “a shitload of people every year go to emergency rooms with injuries from nail guns”

Ya shitload, because there are no stats we could locate past 2008 and the mantra out there with the cut and clip headless bodies there are at least 42,000 sent packing to hospitals every year with nails poked in one or more brand new orifices.

Here’s a good safety paper from OSHA Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Nail Guns. But Were Afraid To Ask.

Staple Gun injuries run slightly behind with an estimation of a mere 37,000 emergency room visits each year

But, hands-down, we have a winner. The hand gun sends the highest number to ER and beyond but, again, there’s no way of telling real facts because all the information is old, old, old.

One would think what with all the fuss about handgun legislation, registering and other violations of Constitutional rights the agencies in charge of sounding the alarm would do so using such incredible old, and nearly irrelevant data….not unlike the politicians operating in D.C.

We are afraid of the hand gun to be sure…but the thought of all those nails…

The only question now is … when they come for the guns…will there be a run on nails?

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