For $2,000 Alec: How the Heck is anyone Supposed to Know That Anyway?

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Why Old People are Not Allowed on TV Game Shows

“It is up to you to define.” says Growth to Chaos.

Who, other than Chaos could seek and examine with unfettered curiosity to gather the information necessary for Control and Growth to ultimately determine at what age(s) ages start aging and when aging or end and why all the hassle?


Lo, unto the people the ground started to tremble and out flowed vast tributaries of euphemisms spilled from the dreams of powerful and kings lathered in anticipation.

While lined at the trough were lawyers, linguists, politicians, lobbyests,  social justice engineers…. need we continue, (Eye-roll.)

World Game contestants “Let the games begin!”

Who says deep gambling isn’t going on?  How do we know whether or not gamblers aren’t banking on strains of DNA, traits, aptitudes, capabilities…Gattaca was a warning.

Strategists, ideologists, gamblers alike laid waste to the land a torrent 0f euphemisms at a dizzying pace each to out-aging each one word at a time building blocks to an eternity of noise forever in search of a true definition of aging /:

    • A circumlocuquist’s interpretation of which is a circumlocution aspect of that what is aged which opens a new gate of criteria upon which to weigh what is the meaning of aged.
      • diffuseness
      • discursiveness
      • euphemism
      • indirectness
      • periphrasis
      • pleonasm
      • prolixity
      • roundabout
      • tautology
      • verbiage
      • wordiness
      • beating around the bush
      • circumambages
      • gassiness
      • periphrase
      • verbal evasion
      • verbality
      • Delicacy
      • Floridness
      • Grandiloquence
      • Inflation
      • Pomposity
      • Pretense
      • Purism

      You begin to see the issue…

      Not pretending to understand A-Bit-Of-It, elders eventually tire of receiving constant barrages of nonsense from every direction into or out of every orifice imagined and turn much calmer, quieter pursuits.
      Many go on to eventually break out in full-on:

    • BFD, a disease of the brain’s inner cortex that prevents the mind from remembering what it was like before Watson was a pipe dream in Big Daddy and Hot Nanny sights.

Circumlocutionally speaking, yes, we are infected with BFD.

The interesting thing about aging is what was most important at a young age is virtually not important at an older age.

Of course we speak from the class of “we must budget or run up the charge card or steal from the savings” crowd so when it comes to dressing to impress a crowd we chose unwisely from the beginning…and why start now?

That would be the first strike against encouraging we the afflicted with BFD to star on any game show.

We’ve all seen them. People who obviously dressed themselves for TV.

As for us…the proclivity for blue language to erupt from Control and Chaos is strong in this one.

We shudder to think of the 7 second delay and all those Bleep sounds in the voice over.

And then there is the sudden outburst, the Tourettes that happens with the ongoing battle between Control and Chaos whenever each insist upon being right.

Fish Taco is the example which brought this to our attention.

In the course of a conversation years ago, we were asked to describe our dream vacation.  Where blame is now cast in either direction, prior this discovery we had been blissfully unaware of any problem what so ever.

This time, however, we had corroborating witnesses. So as we idealized our dream vacation riding the Am Track train cross country and into Canada, what we our self say was quite clearly “Am Track” but what everyone else in the room heard was “Fish Taco.”

How could a game show survive all this?





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