Bell Ringer Wanted

March 19, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Betty & Bob.

Pastor Bob needed to find a new bell ringer so he placed a classified ad.

Soon a slightly built, young man showed up and asked for the job.

Pastor Bob looked him over skeptically, and said, “Son, The rope alone to the bell weighs much more than you, I think you are not big or muscular enough to ring that huge bell.

The young man pleaded with Pastor Bob  to give him a chance.
Finally Pastor Bob  gave in and allowed the man to give it a try.

So up the stairs they both climbed up to the bell tower.

“okay my son, here we are.” said Pastor Bob. “Ring the bell.”

So the young man pulled the rope as hard as he could.
“Ding, ding, ding sounded the bell.

Pastor Bob shook his head and said, “The bell must ring loud enough for the entire village to hear.”

The youth begged for another chance.
He leaped as high as he could, grabbed the rope and pulled hard.
The bell went “Dong, dong, dong.”

Again Pastor Bob shook his head, having to tell the boy the sound just wasn’t loud enough yet.

Again the young man pleaded for just one more chance to prove himself.
“Very well my son, one more chance.  Proceed.” said Pastor Bob.

This time the kid walked to the far side of the tower and ran as fast as he could towards the bell.
He leaped, arms outstretched for the rope, but missed and ran smacked into the heavy metal bell hitting it with his face.
DONG, DONG, DONG went the bell.

That’s the right sound, says Pastor Bob
However the young man, reeling from the blow to his head, fell back over the railing and out of the bell tower to the ground below.

Horrified, Pastor Bob rushed down the tower to check on the boy.
By the time he reached ground, a crowd had gathered.

“Everybody stand back” shouted Pastor Bob as he knelt beside the man’s unconscious body. “Does anyone know this person?” He asked.
A man pushed his way through the crowd, looked the youth over and said

“I don’t know him, but his face sure rings a bell!”

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