Jussie Smolette – Loser Extrordinaire

March 17, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water, the ugliness of racism rears it’s monstrous head.

Jussie Smolette, the darling of Kamala’s dreams.

Now, a good, decent person would look at this case and think…he did whaaa?

He paid a couple of Nigerian immigrants – or should we say he abused his privilege as a person of great wealth to convince a couple of low-income losers to rough him up a bit in the middle of a cold, wintery night so he could blame the white folk for the crime.

That sounds an awful lot like reverse racism to us, but then we are only slightly not entirely white so our whiteness O’ meter might be a little bit wonky.

We understand the sentiment and that is as far as our sympathies lay.

The dumb-heads he convinced to do the crime will instead do the time – unless they are already off the hook, we don’t know, haven’t exactly been riveted to the Game of Thrones loser star.



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