Calling it quits on Media Madness

March 16, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

Maybe it’s this debilitating virus, maybe it’s not but the nonsense is caving in on us today.
Our favorite morning radio show Armstrong and Getty, usually good and worth listening to seems to have doubled their advertising revenue over the past few months by adding (or detracting) from the show the most moronic, condescending, garbage laden, word salad ads that say nothing, promise nothing and when the barrage of nonsense is over … are completely exhausting to the cranium.

So, reluctantly, having yanked the earphone out of our ear for the 35th time in 1 hour…we called it quits.

Geico… Promises cute mascots, silly scenarios. That’s what we want in insurance stability silly scenarios.
Progressive… Promises what exactly?  Not sure any more. We might have thought the character was cute 5 years ago.  Why do ad agencies feel the need to drag good commercials out till they become detrimental to their own silly cause.

Nonsense? Is that truly what they sell?  We think so.

Why would I, as an intelligent consumer want to trust my car, home, property to idiots who blatantly wish to be seen as blithering idiots?

Buy our insurance, trust us…we have a cute mascot.

We have hummingbirds to feed.  You can hear them sing…when it’s quiet.

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