End of Times – Is It?

March 16, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

The weak-willed and paranoid are convinced these are the End of Times.

We’ve heard this for most of our life.

1960’s through 2021 with little change.  End-of-Timers claim the sky is falling with every hail event, freeze event, tornado event, protest and riot event.

Do you ever wonder about the word “event” and why so-claimed reporters and meteorologists feel the need to add the extension to everything?

This is not how people speak to each other.  We don’t run home, burst into the house and scream it’s a hail event!

No way these are the End Times.  People just need to chill.  There are too many lawsuits scheduled for at least the next 50 years over this excessively Draconian lock down Covid19.  Answer is simple.  Money.

Just as with the Y2K hysteria when money is at stake the monied people get busy protecting their wealth.

I think the dumb-fucks, who really are smart fucks, will get so full of themselves they will ultimately fall on their faces because idealoges always  go too far.

But that is what American politics is become. The aging lions running the show for the past 50 years are dying out, fearful of losing power, money, status and fame they view every questioning of their wisdom as a frontal assault.

Leaves the door wide open for the crazies to act.  Hey fearless ones, if you won’t listen to reason, logic or lose the capacity to divorce emotion from action …crazy’s all you got left.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Should have spent your days training your younger clone(s) to continue in your butt-prints.

If you want Theory of Pat’s conspiracy theory…

Q Anon group is the end result of an experiment by social engineers. Probably social “justice” engineers but, as we say…there’s money involved, so we don’t discount any such illusion.

2020 filled with protests, riots, looting and burning…mostly peaceful.

However when we broach the subject to anyone subscribing to Left leaning politics we are told we are watching the wrong news, our sources are mistaken…these simply did not happen and we MUST focus all energy on the mob inspired by the Boogey-Man Trump.

Basically the “are you going to believe me or your lying eyes!” sort of gas lighting.

Our theory is Homeland Security et. al, intended to bring out America’s worst radicals on both sides in order to photograph, identify, record


push gun-totin Red Neck Americans till all that “white” privilege spills out of suburbia to come down on their tiny little heads…all of which plays into the hands of the crazy makers who may now simply stand back and say…”See we told you those white folk are all crazy!”  (Complete reverse of “See we told you all black folk are …”

Problem is it’s not just white folk who are crazy about the civil unrest.  American citizens of all race, creed and ilk pay taxes to ensure a peaceful existence.

We are being told up is down and it’s getting worse.

It’s all about the computer now. Robotics.  We have no way these days to know whether we are talking to a bot or a human, yet these bots and humans seem intent upon keeping us driving in their very narrow lanes.

We of the Theory of Pat…Control, Chaos, Growth and We have made the decision to re-claim control of our mind and walk away from all social media.

Might be permanent.


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