The Internet Is AOL on Steroids

March 15, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

EloiOccurs to us lately the “Internet” these days more resembles an encapsulated audience which feeds an encapsulated audience what a small committee of people decide what an encapsulated audience should see, say, hear, watch and think…very similar to AOL.

While it’s true, one really can find answers to life’s frivolous questions in the new and safe Internet, it is based on the contingency that we don’t question the source, ideology or political maneuvering.

Nothing to see on the Internet because nothing is real there.

  • Time…irrelevant
  • Truth…irrelevant
  • Facts…irrelevant
  • Ideology…only relevant.

We pick and choose our avatars, paintbrush our portraits, remove wrinkles, change anything about our appearances unquestioned.  There is no skin color on the internet. We can lie on the Internet.

We don’t know who we are speaking to any more than we know the face and name of every unwanted telemarketer that darken our old land-line phones and fill androids with SPAM.

The Internet with all it’s little happy landing pods like facebook, twitter et al, is Fairy Tale town.

Roger Rabbit is a prophet who rules the roost and resides happily in Toon Town.

We’re all so magnanimous in righteous indignation over ridiculous issues daily shot out of a corporate Bingo Ball cannon O’ issues designed to get someone…hell anyone to fight to the death over it.
And I do know not to end a sentence with it.

Take note of the length of time these issues fill our nights with seething rage over such slights as

  • Begging to differ with your point of view
  • Belief in a supreme being or not belief in any deities
  • The bitch who put a photo of macaroni, cheese and hot dogs on a piece of toast and posted it on the vegan health page
  • Any politician
  • the wrong politician who did something admirable

Issues change every 2 to 6 months depending upon the animosity the issue breeds.  The more anger and vitriol an issue generates the longer we may expect to be assaulted with the subject.

Then suddenly the herd shifts.

Yesterday we were eating ourselves alive over shemales in womens sports…to what end?  The thing seems to have just dropped off the radar.  oh ya the (we strongly suspect planned, designed and delivered) Covid19 virus.

Now everyone’s a racist and it’s bad to be white now that the Democrats are firmly entrenched for the next 2 years at least.

Interesting the mega-parties have virtually swapped position. Dems used to be the Party of the People, the Working Man.  Now everyone gets to go on welfare, get classified per an ever changing algorithem kept deep in the bowels of Harvard University as we strive to teach Watson exactly how to control our every move, thought and manipulate every impulse or idea(l).

Covid19 took the edge off the women for a bit, but it will be back.  We gotta get us girls to be like boys because the great unwashed must go into space exploration battle mode or move up the corporate ladder and for Gods sake not reproduce as much as possible because the elites are into designer DNA and your silly genes are fucking the world right up.

The fucked up truth is women always had equal rights its just that it’s nicer not to rock the boat so we lazy, complaining bitches left it to the nutty ideologically driven women to “clarify” the rules a bit.

That’s Female logic.

Really FL exists but males are clueless as to what it is and no female is capable of explaining it adequately because the males just want to fuck us and it confuses the shit out of them when we speak.

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