Chillin in the Coleman Spa

March 15, 2021 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

Yep, were in the spa chilling trying to deal with symptoms of a virus.  Not the C word  …what cunt…cookie, oh ya Covid.  Don’t have that.

Just chills and weakness.  104 feels so good in times like these, for about an hour,

The virus is one of the good ones, can’t be caught again, we will live and it was all totally avoidable. which really pisses us off.

Forever we’ve put bleach in my dish soap.
We wipe everything down in the kitchen with hot bleachy dish soap.
We have witnesses.

the one time we forget to wash! Now this happens.

Oh, such a load of BS.

Such a whiner.

I do what everyone else does.

Rip open the bag, say Hail Mary and devour as is.

Just got careless and started to trust prepackaged ready to eat fruits and vegetables and all that promises produced with the finest of care…

And forgetting about fresh produce touched by the dirty hands people who fondle carrots and zucchini as if long lost loves.

So lesson learned. we are sick but will get better soon.

PS the Coleman Saluspa is pretty good. Haven’t noticed much of a jump in electric use and since we use the spa daily and it’s always left on we think its worth the price.

Not as good as a big sturdy spa with seats and drink holders but adequate till a permanent insert is built into the ground.

That’s the dream.


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