The Most Dangerous Christmas Toy

December 18, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Topics 4 Toastmasters.

Table topic question.

What is the most dangerous toy you received as a gift on Christmas?

Christmas was a clothing, back to school supply fest for me, but dad was always bringing home age inappropriate toys and mom expected us to be smart.

We knew our way around a few smashed fingers and the sting of Mercurochrome and Merthiolate – both since been proven to have done more harm than good!

We didn’t receive dangerous holiday toys…we received dangerous everyday toys.
Parents either didn’t have a concept of age appropriate anything or they were of the mind as long as we are busy, out of their hair and it didn’t involve them.

Pop caps for toy guns.
Gunpowder dots sealed between two layers of paper.
Came in continuous straps for rapid fire cap pistols.

Also fun to hit with hammer on side walks.

Dive bombers. Put gunpowder cap in a metal rocket and throw high into the air to watch it crash with a big bang.

Fire works.
Foot long sparklers you could spell your name, address and phone plus a message to the universe before the thing burnt out.

Charcoal punks that could make a 5 foot long snake of ash.

Sling shots, BB guns, bows, arrows and spears. Don’t point it at anyone or windows.

Pogo sticks and stilts.
Bicycles no training wheels, no helmets, foot powered scooters,
Clip-on roller skates
Leather burning design kits.

Plastic models, airplane glue

Knives, scissors…keep the point toward the floor.. the only cautionary warnings.

Hand saws, hammers, screwdrivers, nails, screws.

Break glass bottles for mosaic table.

Trips to saw mills and county dumps to scavenge.

A comment about the etch-a-sketch

A new Speech Bud pops up.

Somehow the thing got broken. My brothers were there so we must have been quarreling over who gets it next or “stop messing me up”…crash…

Next memory?

Mom’s going ballistic because our arms and faces are silver…and we’re getting along and having fun…

The rumor then was etch-a-sketches contained mercury, but was never true. Aluminum powder.
Not harmful at all even if ingested. Just eeew

What was the question?

Dangerous holiday toy for Christmas?
If we could remember receiving a dangerous toy for Christmas it would have to be something just south of a guillotine for it to have made an impression on us.



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