Obnoxious SEO’s n So’s-N-So’s

November 1, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Posts & Pontifications.

Has anyone else noticed how obnoxious searching for stuff on the Internet has become. Try searching for lawn mowing insert city here – and you get 15 pages of search hijacks – think Angie’s list, Home Advisor only 500 fold.

We’ve been searching for services for this new place and holy crap it is nearly impossible to get to a merchant or company without 5 million middlemen sticking their hands out to help for a click bait commission.

Even when we type the companies exact name into the search the actual company may never directly appears and sometimes the websites never show up directly at all.

we’re giving up looking for any services on the net from SEO gang-bangers.
From now on we’re asking our neighbors and people we meet for their sage advice and recommendations.

Much better on the nerves than sifting through knee-deep e-s&it. Better because…people talk and BS walks.

Nextdoor.com is pretty useful for getting in touch with the local little guys, whom we firmly believe are more likely to appreciate a customer a mite better than the big-ad folk, and oh, likely to be a mite less pricey.

On Nextdoor, people post alerts to their own neighbors via Internet. Reports of snakes, coyotes and lost pets found..

Crime, accident, loud noises, finding human poop on a driveway – anything and everything.

Gossip, snide remarks…we live for those. Sometimes we think we’re in high school surrounded by tattle-tale, whiners and worriers.

Reminds us of those old Victorian fainting couch sitters with 9 inch waists fanning themselves into hysterics because they have to listen to so-n-so. He’s so mean and insulting…so immediately we contact him to find he’s a GD level headed so-n-so who says it like it is without worrying about “the CODE” which changes every University semester.


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