Bob, the Biker and the Gorgeous Babe

September 22, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Betty & Bob.

A biker gang was riding along the highway when they saw a beautiful young woman about to jump off a high bridge overlooking a rushing river far below.

Bob,a big gruff-looking greasy guy, the leader of the gang, got off his chopper and sauntered up to the girl.

“Hey doll,” says Bob, “what are you doing standing on the edge of this bridge?”

The young woman replied, “I’m committing suicide.”

Bob says, “I don’t want to stop you if that’s what you want to do but how about giving ol biker Bob a good bye kiss?”

Immediately the gal leaned back over the railing, and right in front of the whole gang, and gave the biker a long, sexy, lingering kiss.

The Bob’s biker gang yells and cheers.

Bob stumbles back a bit and says, “Dang gal, that was the best kiss I have ever had!  You got real talent, why commit suicide? You could join us and ride with me?”

The girl replied, “I have to kil myself because my parents won’t let me dress up like a girl anymore.”


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