Betty Goes to the Doctor

September 22, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Betty & Bob.

Betty was having pain so she went to the doctor.

“Doctor, I just hurt all over”.

The doc says “Can you show me just exactly what hurts?”

Betty held up her arm and touched her elbow with her finger. “It hurts here” and then she touched her shoulder, “and here too, it really hurts here.”

“Hmmmmmm,” said the Doctor. “Does it hurt anywhere else?”

“Oh yes” Betty responded, pointing to multiple locations on her body, “and it hurts here, and here and here too”

Dr. looks at her thoughtfully and asks, “Betty are you a natural blonde?”

Betty sported a winning smile. “Why, yes I am. How do you know?”

The doctor picked up the chart and wrote, Diagnosis: sprained right index finger.


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