About Betty and Bob Jokes

September 22, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Meet the Folks.

Meet our Mom and Dad: Betty and Bob

Bob was a handsome, talented genius with a great sense of humor, fantastic bass voice, actor of sorts who dreamed of becoming a music teacher…and then life happened and things changed. 

Betty was a hottie, smart as a whip, a take-charge kind of girl who snagged onto the handsome genius on his way up…and then life happened and things changed.  


A golden marriage which produced 4 children, turned bitter and ended in such a manner, had it not been for poverty, would have rivaled the widely publicized millionaire antics of the “Johnny Depp and Amber Heard” split.

The parents are gone now, and what’s left are memories, nightmares and fantasy floating in our head.  Join me as we search to rediscover our parents through humor, the only language we could share.


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