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September 22, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Betty & Bob.

Father was the family resource for delightfully, wicked, playful jokes, puns, play on words and overall wicked sarcasm.

This ability was not lost on us even though he became lost to us at a critical point in our life. We appreciate having lived our life through Seven Dirty Words, Playboy Magazine and owning the relative freedom to have interesting and intelligent conversations with whomever we choose.

We imagine ourselves free individuals who live under the protection of a Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Which works out well for us because Chaos demands constant attention therefor Control and Growth exist in constant flux in order to:

  • learn new information (always)
  • check our social gauge vs stereotype paradigm levels
  • have a hearty laugh with virtually anyone

We are entertaining and always good for a laugh, but it doesn’t help that our conversations can get a little loud which can bring complaints from co-workers for excessive chattering.

Somewhere the rubber just left the road which sent us into a Zero G Acclimation spin where up is down, down is up and nothing matters unless it happens to offend.

Perhaps an evolutionary practical joke as each generation strives to stamp out the existence of generations past.

Wolf Packs Happen

We generally agree the “immigrant gene” is a natural self preservation reaction to a phenomena we refer to as wolf-pack cycles.

Wolf packs cycles happen when normal people seem to collectively establish or re-establish the social pecking order and scurry about tattling, interfering, obstructing and being down right bitchy to friends and foe alike for long periods of time which causes upheaval in our collective lives, especially within the workplace.

Out with the bad air, in with the good.

As for Chaos, needless to say, the attempts of a WOKE culture dedicated to stamping out chaos sends Chaos into total ecstasy. The potential for chaos is limitless the sheer volume of possibilities astounds even Chaos..

We had lived our life with the confident assumption the rule of law was the goal. That the benevolence government had our back and wasn’t constantly plotting how to reach further into our pockets to provide services for our own good that we didn’t realize we were in need of.

Toss the Baby Out With the Bath

This particular wolf pack however disintegrates the confidence of a free individual into a groveling kowtowing fools who disrespect the very laws that allow them to protest freely.

We aren’t totally sure America as a unique experiment will survive this latest ignorance but in the mean time…

Have a laugh on us.


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