Politics and Memes

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We think the real issue is how to implement these ideals to which the vast majority of people agree at the simplistic levels mentioned in the meme.
Although so-named Left and Right maintain vastly different ideologies they often agree with such diagnosed predicaments while disagreeing with solutions and implementations.
We don’t get to listen to in depth analysis or talk about alternative solutions. Not even on so-called analysis shows. We hear different versions of ‘my way or the highway.’
We aren’t encouraged by our prospective sides to inquire as to why or how we differ, in a civilized manner. We hear ‘they are bad, they hate you, they are evil, don’t trust them.’

Us vs them, good vs evil.

A simple divide for simple-minded thinkers.

Play the clueless idiot sometimes and ask questions – and think about the answers – don’t respond, think.


Who caused harm, change?
Who is most important?
Who is responsible?
Who are the benefactors?
Who benefits most?
Who is affected?


What would if?
What could happen if?
What other outcomes may happen?
What questions should you ask?
What is the point of?
What should happen?
What is the motive? 
What can change the whole story?
What would you do in that situation?
What makes your position strong?
What was the turning point?
What is the point of the question?
What is another side to this argument?
What does ______ mean?
What is the problem to solve?
What does the evidence say?
What assumptions do you make?
What is a better alternative?


Where can you most often find this problem?
Where are similar situations?
Where can you go to get answers to this problem?
Where can this be improved?
Where can you get more information?


When did the story change?
When is this (un)acceptable?
When does this become a problem? 
When will we be able to tell if it worked?
When is it time to stop?


Why is _____________ a problem?
Why does a person believe?
Why did it happen? 
Why is it important?
Why do you think the question is asked?


How would you solve?
How is this different from other situations?
How is this similar to?
How would you use?
How does the idea work?
How could it be harmful?
How could this have been handled better?
How should I respond?
How would I feel about?
How does this change the outcome?


Can you give me an example?
Do you agree with?
Can you compare this with?
Can you defend the actions of?
Could this be interpreted differently?

Abortion https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/06/18/three-in-ten-or-more-democrats-and-republicans-dont-agree-with-their-party-on-abortion/

Xenophobia https://nationalinterest.org/article/xenophobia-on-the-continent-2904


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