June 2, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Posts & Pontifications.

When playing the game of Scrabble it is so easy to get so bogged down with the mechanics of mixing the order of seven alphabetical letters to fish out a word.

Letters become characters with point value as we stretch the limits of the Scrabble book to discover the meaning of “Za, quixotic and Qi.

We stare at our hand, with 7 letters gleaming, “DRUG” and wonder if it is past tense of “DRAG” like “BRING, BRANG, and BRUNG.” Where as the Scrabble dictionary says “As in drugs, pills, pot, heroin, don’t be an idiot.”

Why did they stop at 7 tiles, we wonder. Why not 8, or 6 tiles?

Does seven work in some scientific, mathematical algorithm or athematical and mysterious spiritual hoo-de-hoo reason…7 brothers, 7 sons sort of thing.

We’re hoping for the day to insert the hyphen and apostrophe tiles to the game. What sheer joy and havoc these two little punctuation mark could wrought upon the world of Scrabble

Scrabble Scoresheet to print (pdf)


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