Covid19 Conspiracy Theory #21

April 28, 2020 | By pkelley | Filed in: Discussion.

When negotiating, always go for the most ludicrous proposition possible.

Stand 6 feet apart, wear masks and gloves and on pain of social shame, massive fine and or jail punishment, absolutely no:

  • Hand shakes ever again
  • Knucklebumps
  • Shoulder slams

Of course in the short term people will resist such draconian demands.

Knuckle bumps and Shoulder slams aside, just when women are within reach of handshake acceptance, yet another achievement dashed into the trans-history of equality.

Trans isn't just about sex and gender.  These are red herring arguments. 

 "Red herring is a kind of fallacy that is an irrelevant topic introduced in an argument to divert the attention of listeners or readers from the original issue"

Sex and gender are just the prurient qualities of the issue. Trans Humans are people with mechanical and computerized parts and sensors implanted in their bodies or parts to enhance or replace existing limbs and organs.

Future societies will be trans-human. Eventually every human will receive implants at birth or in the womb, if wombs will even be a thing in the future…which will allow humans to be tracked no matter where we go – privacy will be an illusion.

But we’ll be endowed with seemingly magical powers to open windows, doors , start cars with our minds, turn lights on and off and impress small children…a worthy trade off for many, apparently.

Conspiracy Theory

It’s understandable that touching might not be all the rage in the future considering placement of implanted sensors…

  • The hand wave that locks the door
  • A shoulder shrug to close the garage
  • The elbow twitch that can fire up a barbecue from 20 miles away
  • The surprise back slap that fires up the barbecue which is locked up for the winter in the garage…and all you can do is watch it all burn through your satellite phone while your electric pod speeds home at 25 miles per hour.

In the future world of hidden buttons and knobs there will be no place for people(s) in the habit of unwanted touching.

House pets be mechanical replicas…bark, bark, bark

What will become of humor?

Will we all act like Stepford Wives?

Our minds wander to Distopia.


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